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Sapulidi News : President Jokowi Urges Indonesian Police to Work Hard To Restore Public Trust


President Urges Police to Work Hard to Restore Public Trust

This was conveyed by President when giving directions to the ranks of the Indonesian National Police (Polri), starting from the main officials of the National Police Headquarters, the regional police chief (kapolda), to the resort police chief (kapolres) throughout the country at the State Palace, Jakarta, Friday. (14/10/2022).

“In November (public confidence in the Police) was still 80.2 (percent), very high, not high, very high. Now, yesterday August, was at 54 (percent), falling, supine, very low. That is a tough job that you must do to restore public trust in the Police in the midst of the current unfavorable situation,” said the President.

According to the President, before the incident in Duren Tiga that dragged the former Head of the National Police Propam Division, Ferdy Sambo, the Public Trust Index placed the Police at the top at the time. This is driven by the hard work of the Police in handling COVID-19 by supporting the injection of 440 million doses of vaccine to the public so that the pandemic subsides and the economy can grow 5.44 percent.

“But once there was the FS (Ferdy Sambo) incident, everything got worse, and it fell to the lowest number. In the past, compared to other law enforcement institutions, it was the highest. Now, Brothers and Sisters should know, to be the lowest. This must be returned again with the hard work of all of you, “he said.

The Head of State continued, currently the situation in all countries is difficult because they are facing global economic waves and storms. In fact, currently 66 countries are in a vulnerable position and 345 million people in 82 countries are already suffering from acute food shortages.

For this reason, the President reminded all ranks of the National Police to have the same sense of crisis. The President also reminded that the Polri ranks should pay more attention to their lifestyle so as not to cause social jealousy and become the public spotlight.

“I remind you of the issue of lifestyle, lifestyle. Do not let in a difficult situation there are social explosions because of socio-economic jealousy. Be careful, so I remind you that the name of the police chief, the deputy head of the police, whose name is the police chief, whose names are all major officials, high-ranking officers, who put the brakes on lifestyle issues. Don’t be arrogant because you feel you have a good car or a nice big motorbike. Careful. Be careful, I remind you to be careful,” he explained.

Furthermore, the President reminded that today’s technology has caused a total change in social interaction. According to him, this is a time of openness because everyone can report events that occur on social media, not just TV, print media, or online media.

“I get too many reports, so it’s back to lifestyle. It’s a small matter but it can disrupt trust in the Police. The business earlier, the car business, the big motorbike business, the trivial matters, what shoes, what clothes, are seen by today’s society. That’s what we have to understand in a world situation that is full of openness,” he said

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